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Lucky Building System “Bathroom Pod” is a factory built, turn-key bathroom unit, fully fitted and plumbed. Customer can be worry-free as every bathroom pod are fully built with quality control in all process, tested, and certified to the international standards. LBS Bathroom Pod is then delivered to the construction site as a complete unit, the only task to be performed on site is connecting the pods’ piping system to the main shafts.


Our Smart Production Process


Reduce construction time and accelerate your project without any delay.


Labor reducing, on-site material sequencing, coordination, and creates Single Point of Contact.


Reduce on-site waste and contribute to a better environment and future.


Our products are Tailor-made; to meet customer’s requirements, and guarantee best finishing look as every process are controlled by specialized tools, jigs, and mold.


All units are factory built with strict quality control and is 100% test with international standards to reflect our Zero-defect policy.

Turnkey service for the turnkey product.

Our service is not limited to offering only the product, but our service start from design & development until after sale service and the product guarantee.

Bathroom Pod Installation

We do sampling check with each process that produced by assembly including testing before and after installation.

  • Every processes are operated and controlled by machine
  • Part finished and installed in factory
  • Every bathroom pod are fully built, tested, certified and secured in factory and ready for delivering

We have more than 20 years of experience in prefabricated building and modular system.

Siam Steel International Public
Company Limited

Siam Steel International Public Company Limited, the listed company on the Stock Exchange of Thailand, is part of Siam Steel Group which is Thailand’s leading manufacturer of steel products. Our businesses dated from 1953.

The stability of the company has been proved with a 2005 Best Performance Award in the consumer products category from the Stock Exchange of Thailand.

Besides, Forbes has also included Siam Steel International Public Company Limited in its Asia’s 200 Best Under A Billion list.